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Focus on sustaining and strengthening the Counter Wildlife Trafficking Movement by working at the regional, national and local levels, and the importance and role of regional and national institutions, leaders, and champions.

Session 7: Towards a Post COVID World - Pivots and Actions

Session 8: Entering a New Era of Regional Partnership: Development Partner Plans and Programs

Session 9: ASEAN Country - Development Partner Dialogue Converging Country and Donor Priorities and Coordinated Action


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Part 1: Session Objectives and Outcomes

Showcasing change agents: What can one person really do in terms of inspiring change, maximizing reach, mobilizing support, and sustaining movements and platforms? Influencers and champions talk from the heart and speak in their own words.


  • To share personal accounts of five CWT champions representing different sectors of society (fashion/lifestyle, religious/faith-based, hotels/tourism, business, judiciary) on why they have committed to CWT to serve as an inspiration to others

  • To share champions’ views on what more can be done to mobilize support and expand the movement for change in their own sectors

  • To present USAID Wildlife Asia campaign materials and brief campaign results



  • Increased understanding and appreciation of champions and their role in advancing the CWT movement for change

  • Awareness and appreciation of the role of champions in USAID Wildlife Asia campaigns and activities

Resources for this session

ASEAN Comprehensive Recovery Framework 2020

ASEAN Comprehensive Recovery Framework Implementation Plan 2020

ASEAN Ministers Statement on Agriculture and Forestry on Covid-19 2020

Session 7 Part 1 Speakers

Moderator: Sallie Yang, Law and Policy Lead, USAID Wildlife Asia

Regional Perspective (ASEAN Framing): ASEAN Comprehensive Recovery Framework

  • Dian Sukmajaya, ASEAN Secretariat


Pandemic prevention through a structured approach to One Health Frameworks: The interdependence of environment, wildlife, human health

  • Dr. Betsy Miranda, WWF Consultant


Country Perspectives: What changes related to CWT have countries made in response to COVID?

  • Indonesia: Mr. Hendra Nur Rofiq, Chief of Technical Cooperation, Section of Legal and Technical Cooperation, Secretariat Directorate, Environmental Forestry and Law Enforcement, Ministry of Environment and Forestry

  • Malaysia: Mr. Kamarul Ikram Abdul Halim, Principal Assistant Secretary, CITES Unit, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources

  • Singapore: Dr. Anna Wong, Director of Wildlife Trade, National Parks Board, Ministry of National Development

  • Thailand: Dr. Klairoong Poonpon, Director of CITES Implementation and Monitoring, Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

Session 7 Part 2: Session Objectives and Outcomes


  • To present and understand the different viewpoints on the current pandemic and how they can be used to catalyze and expedite efforts to end the illegal wildlife trade.

  • Key points of agreement/ common ground identified to consolidate and guide CWT efforts moving forward.



  • ASEAN and CWT Stakeholder Community hear different perspectives from conservationists and scientists on what is needed to accelerate changes to end IWT

  • ASEAN and CWT Stakeholder Community are better informed about covid and other zoonotic diseases and how this is linked to the wildlife trade and conservation efforts more generally

  • ASEAN and CWT Stakeholder Community are better able to prioritize the development/ implementation of activities

Resources for this session

End Pandemics Roadmap 2021

OIE Review Managing Risk of Disease Emergence in Wildlife Trade 2021

UNEP Preventing the Next Pandemic 2020

Session 7 Part 2 Speakers

Moderator: Dararat Weerapong, Senior Project Manager, TRAFFIC



  • Dr. Amanda Fine, Health Program Associate Director – Asia, Wildlife Conservation Society

  • Dr. Daniel Schar, Senior Regional Emerging Infectious Diseases Advisor

  • Natalie Phaholyothin, CEO, WWF Thailand

  • Steve Galster, Chairman, Freeland

  • James Compton, USAID Wildlife TRAPS Project Leader, TRAFFIC

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  • To provide a broad overview of CWT donor priorities and project activities in Asia and to find solutions to the remaining challenges in donor coordination

  • To highlight the importance of regional partnerships and collaboration and to discuss possible ways going forward, e.g. through a partner coordination platform

  • To provide an opportunity to stock take, celebrate successes of recent or ongoing CWT projects, and to share lessons learned with partners



  • Emerging CWT initiatives, innovative tools, and funding opportunities presented in support of regional commitments

  • Consultation process initiated to develop a Counter Wildlife Trafficking Development Partners Coordination Platform for Asia

Resources for this session

ASEAN Chiang Mai Statement 2019

ASEAN SAMM-IWT Partners Dialogue Summary 2019

UN General Assembly Resolution A-75-311 2021

World Bank Analysis of International Funding to Tackle IWT 2016

Session 8 Speakers

Moderator: Alistair Monument, Acting Regional Director for Asia Pacific, WWF

Introduction to the IWT Project Map and Database: Overview, Analysis, and Challenges

  • Cecilia Fischer, Illegal Wildlife Trade Coordinator and Consultant, Asian Development Bank and World Bank

Panel Discussion

  • Lisa Farroway, Senior Environmental Specialist and Program Manager Global Wildlife Program, World Bank

  • Saroj Srisai, Program Officer, EU Delegation to Thailand

  • Roopa Karia, Deputy Director, Regional Environment Office, USAID Regional Development Mission for Asia

  • Dr. Francesco Ricciardi, Senior Environmental Specialist, Asian Development Bank



  • Stefanie Lang, Executive Director, Legacy Landscapes Fund

  • Dr. Hoang Thi Thanh Nhan, Deputy Director, Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Agency, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Viet Nam

  • Sara Öberg Høper, First Secretary, Programme Specialist Environment & Climate Change, Development Cooperation- Regional Asia, Embassy of Sweden Bangkok, Thailand

  • Marie Delattre, Deputy Customs Attaché, Embassy of France, Bangkok, Thailand

  • Andrew Beirne, Economic & Prosperity Counsellor and UK Permanent Representative to UNESCAP, British Embassy, Bangkok, Thailand

Session Objectives and Outcomes


Amplifying Action in Counter Wildlife Trafficking: How to leverage regional and national efforts through Partnership



  • After hearing from the presenters and panelists in session 5 on the ASEAN regional priorities for CWT, where the Chiang Mai Statement and AWG CITES and Wildlife Enforcement 5-year Regional Plan of Action for 2021-2025 were presented, session 6 presents an opportunity for the other ASEAN organizations to present on their CWT efforts and how those efforts are or can be aligned coordinated with the priorities presented in session 5 and for the CWT stakeholder community to discuss and comment.



  • For the other ASEAN organizations to introduce to the CWT Stakeholder Community (CWT Development Partners, Donor and Stakeholders) of their CWT program/ efforts

  • For the other ASEAN organizations to better align and coordinate their CWT efforts with the ASEAN priorities on CWT

  • For the ASEAN organizations (including AWG CITES and Wildlife Enforcement) to collaborate more effectively going forward

  • For the CWT Stakeholder Community to better support such alignment, coordination and collaboration.

Resources for this session

ASEAN Community Vision 2025

FAO OIE WHO Tripartite Guide to Addressing Zoonotic Diseases 2019

ASEAN Comprehensive Recovery Framework 2020

GEF 8 Programming Directions 2021

Session 9 Speakers

Moderator: Sallie Yang, Law and Policy Lead USAID Wildlife Asia


Panel Discussion

  • Dr. Ronello Abila, Sub-regional Representative for Southeast Asia, World Organization for Animal Health

  • Hannah Fairbank, Senior Biodiversity Specialist and Asia Regional Coordinator, GEF Secretariat

  • Dr. Francesco Ricciardi, Senior Environmental Specialist, Asian Development Bank

  • Dr. Wolfram Morgenroth-Klein, Head of Division Pandemic Prevention, One Health, Animal Health and Biodiversity, German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development



  • ASEAN Secretariat Official (TBD)

  • Dr. Steven G. Olive, Mission Director, USAID Regional Development Mission for Asia

  • Dr. Theresa Mundita S. Lim, Executive Director, ASEAN Center for Biodiversity

  • Dr. Prasert Sornsathapornkul, Director of Wild Fauna and Flora Protection Division, Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation

  • Dr. Noriaki Sakaguchi, Senior Advisor for Nature Conservation, Japan International Cooperation Agency


Presentation of Development Partners Dialogue Highlights